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The Mission of Santulya Brand is to help our customers live a balanced life, For having a balanced Life, We should have a balanced body, We can have balanced body by doing regular exercise, Proper work-life balance, Healthy eating habits & Daily use of Santulya 

Body, Mind and spirit are the three pillars which balance our state of health. There are times when a physical pain effects our mental health which in turn leads to a disgruntled spirit. A disagreement with friend or family member affects us so much that it may lead to a headache. An imbalance in one pillar disturbs the stability of the others. Stable mind and spirit can help us deal with physical pain and vice versa. Good health is not just physical body, our body, mind and spirit are interconnected and affect each other immensely. Our body, Mind and spirit need constant care and support to stay healthy. 

We humans have been treating our environment harshly for decades now, Our Air is most polluted it has ever been. Our farms and water bodies have been contaminated with regular usage of toxins (pesticides & chemicals) thus leading to contaminated food and water. According to the World Health Organization, India is one of the most depressed country in the world, followed by China and the USA.  India, China and the US are the most affected countries by anxiety, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder. With increasing use of cellphones and devices we are losing our human connection, people are more comfortable behind a computer screen than having a conversation with an actual person. There is an imbalance in all 3 pillars of our Everyday Life. 

We need to regain control of all three pillars to balance our everyday life. We have to work on leaving a better ecosystem for our future than the one we inherited from our forefathers. We need to plant more trees, save water. We have to move to more sustainable pesticide free farming practices. We need to recycle our industrial waste before discharging it in our water bodies. We have to eat toxin free food, develop healthy habits to improve our mental health. Develop a hobby, explore yourself. Take vacations from time to time to connect with our nature, spend quality time with family and friends.

Let’s start taking these simple steps to happiness of mind, body and spirit. 

1) Plant a tree annually for each family member
2) Save water 

3) Take a family vacation each year
4) Eat healthy and meditate

Develop a hobby, Spend some time with yourself to gather your thoughts

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