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 Santulya Affiliate Program!

You have created a valuable marketing asset that should find a partner to monetise its true value sustainably along with promoting goodness around. We have made a special program considering the same. 


Santulya Reseller Program enables you to become our reseller, in which we will provide you with a special lifetime coupon code and each time the coupon code is used by a customer on our website, the customer will get a discount and you will be credited with reseller fees. 


We have got a world class product that help consumers live healthier & balanced life and on the other hand, supporting our suppliers who are small farming families across the country to earn better income. 


We want to utilise the opportunity created because of internet in such a way that all the stakeholders in the value chain can create appropriate value sustainably. 


You can register yourself below. To become Santulya reseller Scan the QR code or click on the link below.

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